Ruane Maurice – “Farne” (audio) (Premiere)

Check out the latest tune from the Birmingham, UK hip-hip outfit Ruane Maurice, the brooding "Farne".

Ruane Maurice hail from Birmingham, UK. As this up-and-coming trio attests, there’s more to the music scene there than appears on the surface. Ruane Maurice’s self-titled debut is set for release in early September; “Farne”, which you can stream below, is one of the first tracks to come forth from the album. The song is a prime cut of the trio’s dark, brooding take on hip-hop.

The band tells PopMatters about the hedonistic nostalgia that inspired the song: “Like a lot of the tracks on the album, ‘Farne’ is deeply rooted in our love for analogue instrumentation (analogue drum machines and synths) and found sounds for use in layering.

“In terms of lyrics, we had spent the evening prior to writing the track chatting about all the house parties we used to go to when we were younger. There was always a real buzz and sense of anticipation that we felt about house parties—especially when it came to crashing suburban house parties—which we’ve never experienced when heading out to bars or clubs. We wanted ‘Farne’ to reflect our more innocent attitudes about these situations in which the novelty of alcohol and sexual encounters created this inexplicable excitement that has been difficult to replicate in our twenties.

“It was all about crappy sound systems, smokey rooms, cheap alcohol. We all miss that shit. ‘Farne’ is our requiem to a time we aren’t going to get back.”

Ruane Maurice is out on September 9th through Stars & Letters.