Music Go Music: Impressions

Unabashedly channeling the spirits of ABBA and ELO, Music Go Music return with a huge, hooky dance pop delight.
Music Go Music
Thousand Tongues

There is nothing subtle about what Music Go Music does on Impressions, their first release in five years. Everything is big, bombastic and steeped in the overindulgence of mid-’70s pop music. Often sounding like the unholy marriage of ABBA and ELO, Music Go Music have taken diligent notes, studying what makes the best moments of the biggest records by these two groups work as they do, mashing the somewhat disparate styles together to create a gloriously enormous dance pop record that sounds just as good if not better than anything either produced.

Because of this, however, it can often be difficult to tell whether or not the members of Music Go Music, who cheekily choose to go by the stage names Torg, Gala Bell and Kamar Maza (David Metcalf, Meredith Metcalf and Adam Siegel, respectively), are being genuine or engaging in ironic posturing (just look at the ambiguous title for further evidence). If the latter, with Impressions they’ve ventured so far into irony they’ve come back around to sincerity, leaving in their wake one of the more unabashedly celebratory and enjoyable dance pop albums of 2014.

RATING 8 / 10