Los Straitjackets - "Kawanga" (video) (Premiere)

Summer may have just finished, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't dive into a prime cut of surf rock like Los Straitjackets' retro ditty "Kawanga."

Nashville instrumental rock mainstays Los Straitjackets are about to release one of the quirkiest projects they've ever put together: Los Straitjackets: Deke Dickerson Sings The Instrumental Hits, which finds the band teaming up with roots music musician Deke Dickerson, who sings lost or reworked vocals over the group's instrumentals. Below, you can view the lyric video to "Kawanga", a surf rock number that shows off this project's playful side.

Guitaritst Eddie Angel tells PopMatters, "I wrote 'Kawanga' as an instrumental many years ago. As a songwriter i've always aspired to the genius of "Surfin' Bird", and I think with the addition of Mark Winchester's lyric and Deke Dickerson's vocal we've come pretty close to the spirit of "Surfin' Bird".

Los Straitjackets: Deke Dickerson Sings The Instrumental Hits comes out on October 7th through Yep Roc.

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