Lily Taylor: The Ride

Soothing minimalist pop meditations and layered, vocals-heavy soundscapes from the San Francisco-based songstress.

Lily Taylor

The Ride

Label: Pour le Corps
US Release Date: 2014-09-02
UK Release Date: 2014-09-02

There’s an understated subtly and sense of serenity in the way Lily Taylor approaches her minimalist compositions. Placing the focus largely on her lovely, swirling vocals she’s able to use her voice as the primary sonic infrastructure. From there, gentle keyboards stabs crop up now and then, along with swirling, edge-of-vision synths and subtle atmospherics. Taylor seems to find a certain level of hypnotic comfort in the layering of her voice, falling back in on itself in gentle, cascading, somnambulant waves that, through repetition and an almost chant-like quality, lend themselves to experiential listening more so than any sort of active engagement with the music itself.

By no means a backhanded compliment, rather this approach makes the music itself all the more compelling, perfect for late nights, foggy afternoons, and generally getting lost in the images swirling about inside one’s head. Music as meditation, meditation as music, The Ride finds itself comfortably alternating between the two and proves highly rewarding for those willing to simply surrender and allow Taylor’s mellifluous voice to overwhelm them.


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