Claire London - "Cut the Strings" (audio) (Premiere)

The Imogen Heap-indebted electronic of Claire London's "Cut the Strings" is a powerful sample of what's to come on her new EP, Hit the Switch.

Fans of Imogen Heap should check out Claire London's latest single, "Cut the Strings", which you can stream below. The song's intense mood and atmospheric electronics form a perfect background for London's powerful vocals.

"Cut the Strings" is a number off of London's forthcoming EP, Hit the Switch.

London tells PopMatters about the song, "​'Cut the Strings' is about the struggle to cut ties with an ex, knowing how painful it's going to be to not have that person there anymore, while realizing it's something that has to be done so that don't keep getting tangled up in the same web."

Hit the Switch will be out in November.

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