Caleb Caudle: Paint Another Layer on My Heart

Aching and lonely, Paint Another Layer on My Heart is full of life and heart.
Caleb Caudle
Paint Another Layer on My Heart
This Is American Music

Paint Another Layer on My Heart overflows with lonely lines like “I would trade every last light in New York City to be there tonight with you in New Orleans”, “I’m counting county lines”, and “Home doesn’t share you with the places you’ve been.” A road record through and through, Paint Another Layer on My Heart‘s country-informed arrangements, singer-songwriter spirit, and pedal steel evoke bar stools, burned-down cigarettes, and nights behind the wheel. Caudle’s vocal timbre, reminiscent of John Mellencamp with hints of Jackson Browne, lends everything just the right amount of heartbreak. On “How’d You Learn” and standout “Trade All the Lights”, Lydia Loveless lends vocal harmonies. Capitalizing on the buzz that Caudle began building with 2012’s Tobacco Town, Paint Another Layer on My Heart is a standout record, one of those rare records that often feels weary, but which never tires out the listener. On the contrary, this is the kind of record that makes you want to take a midnight drive while you think about the good and bad corners of your past.

RATING 8 / 10