Marc Martel - "The Mercurotti" (A Duet with Freddie Mercury and Luciano Pavarotti)

Nashville's Marc Martel records a tribute to two of his favorite singers, Luciano Pavarotti and Freddie Mercury.

Marc Martel celebrates the two singers in this take on one of opera's most beloved arias, Puccini's "Nessun Dorma".

Martel is the singer chosen to play Freddie Mercury on the traveling show, The Queen Extravaganza. "It's been insane," recalls Martel. "I entered the competition on a whim, never expecting things to take off the way they did. The Extravaganza has taken me places I've never been and I'm forever grateful to Roger Taylor and Brian May for giving me that opportunity."

Martel's upcoming solo debut, Impersonator, releases 30 September.

And here is Pavarotti on the very same aria.

And here is Martel's audition video...

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