Screaming Females Drop "Wishing Well", Hint at New Album

Copies of the band's latest 7" reference new album called Rose Mountain.

This Monday, Screaming Females premiered their new single, "Wishing Well", online. The song is wistful and resigned. It's hard to figure out which sounds more jarring coming from Marissa Paternoster, the low-key meandering guitar lines that open the song or the lyrics where she promises to "be much sweeter". It's poppier than anything in the band's catalog and is an exciting step forward.

As befits their status as road dogs, the New Brunswick trio released "Wishing Well" while in the midst of a massive 33-city, 37-day tour with Pujol. Fans at those lives dates have been able to purchase the new 7" which contains a rollicking single-only offering, "Let Me In" as well a tantalizing note on the A-side - "FROM THE ALBUM 'ROSE MOUNTAIN'".

So far there's been no confirmation from the band or their label, Don Giovanni, about an upcoming full-length. Screaming Females did appear on a couple of split singles last year and also released a triumphant live album in April of this year. If confirmed, Rose Mountain would be the band's sixth studio record and their first since 2012's Ugly.

For now though, fans of the New Jerseyans' celebrated lean, crunchy and melodic guitar work will have to wait and wonder what joys the future may hold.

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