T0W3RS - "Cups" (audio) (Premiere)

The spacey synth notes of T0W3RS' "Cups" soon give way to an ebullient chorus that's sure to get toes tapping.

No, T0W3RS is not an acceptable spelling for the game of Scrabble. And no, "Cups", the latest song by the Raleigh, North Carolina project T0W3RS, is not a cover of the Anna Kendrick song of the same name. Instead, it's a fun little tune that moves from spacey, echoey synths in the beginning to a joyous latter section, accented by some plinking percussion. Despite the name of the album that it's on, TL;DR (internet lingo for "too long; didn't read"), "Cups" is a song that wastes no time at all getting its point across.

TL;DR marks an important shift for T0W3RS. That moniker was once associated with a five-piece band fronted by Derek Torres; now, with members of the band having gone separate ways into differing projects, the name is being used by Torres in a solo capacity. "Cups" is a fine sample of what is to come for Torres' solo take on the T0W3RS name.

Torres tells PopMatters this about the tune: "'Cups' is about wanting something that you know is bad for you. It's about the emptiness that's left behind."

TL;DR will be out 11/11 via Phuzz.

In an act of musical kindness, T0W3RS has offered all of the music on his Bandcamp at a pay-what-you-will price.

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