Circus Devils - "Eye Mask of Leaves" (audio) (Premiere)

The latest tune by Guided by Voices frontman Robert Pollard's group Circus Devils, "Eye Mask of Leaves", is a lo-fi, easy-breezy number.

Robert Pollard, best known for his work in Guided by Voices, has with his project Circus Devils readied an album for November release, entitled Escape. The album will be the band's thirteenth full-length studio release. Below you can stream "Eye Mask of Leaves", a jangly, lo-fi acoustic number off of the album. The music is described as an audio "Twilight Zone where dream time and real time intermingle. For best results, listen late at night with headphones in a dark room."

Pollard says to PopMatters, "This time we wanted to gear down and do an album that might work as an easy-flowing stream of consciousness piece instead of a collection of jarring vignettes. As with most of our albums, the songs on Escape are meant to be of a piece. The idea is to create a defined space with its own character where impressions and images might be conjured by the listener."

Escape is out on Nov 11 through Happy Jack Rock Records.

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