MoZaic - "Unexpected Turns Part 1: The Prologue" (video) (Premiere)

The brief video for the smooth electro-soul of Mozaic's four-part series "Unexpected Turns" leaves a whole lot of questions unanswered.

Leading up to the release of her forthcoming release Unexpected Turns, MoZaic is planning a release of a series of videos of the same name. Below you can watch Part One of this four-part series, entitled "The Prologue". The video depicts MoZaic going somewhere unknown, all the while she soulfully sings over smooth electronic textures in the background. On its own, "The Prologue" raises more questions than answers, but its appeal lies in its mystery. You'll be sure to tune back in to parts two through four as this mini-narrative continues to unfold.

MoZaic tells PopMatters about the video, "Part one of the video series is the start of a journey with twists, turns, and some crazy revelations. I'm very excited for you to share these experiences with me. No matter how many dead ends you come across never stop following your dream. Sometimes unexpected turns are great!"

Unexpected Turns will be released through Doxside Music/Sky5 on November 4th.

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