The 10 Weirdest Horror Movies of All Time

Not all scary movies are horrifying. Sometimes, they're downright deranged. Watch these and you'll never look at your furniture, your appliances, your parents or anything the same way again.

Horror movies, by their very nature, are odd. They are an entertainment that people participate in, the purpose of which is to feel fear. It's fictional, it's often non-reality based, but it's fear nonetheless. It's often stated that this otherwise unusual desire is directly related to the need for catharsis. When done right, when measured out in suspense or splatter, the feeling of intense dread is built up, layer upon layer, until all of a sudden -- BAM! -- death knocks down the door and turns the off the terror with a knife blade or a chainsaw. The set-up and pay-off predicate our response, leading to a likeable (albeit, hardly "enjoyable" experience). It's the thrill of the ride that we seek in such films, not unlike a rock concert or an actual roller coaster.

But fear is personal. It's like one's sense of humor or taste in music. What one person finds frightening another will find possibly silly, even stupid. Or how about surreal? It's this latter category we're looking at here in an attempt to identify the most oddball fright flicks in the history of the genre. Over the decades, masters of the macabre have tried to take their motion picture mandate seriously. But with the influx of the drive-in, the need for cheap entertainment options, and the post-modern equivalent known as direct-to-video, some of the more insane ideas out there have gained creative traction. Here are ten films that we think define the crackpot creepshow conceit. Sure, there are others more famous or less loony, but when it comes to crazy, these titles from the last 30 years trump them all.

10. Society
Poor Bill. Even though he has everything he ever could want, he just doesn't feel like he fits in with his hoity-toity parents. Turns out, he's right. Partly, because he's adopted, but also because his wealthy guardians (and their friends) are a weird race of shapeshifting creatures who literally eat the poor and disenfranchised. While most of the movie is a minor murder mystery with slasher elements, the last act "orgy", containing a collection of human/hybrid oddities, makes this otherwise ordinary exercise in allegory a jawdropper, complete with one person winding up with his head literally up his ass.

9. The Refrigerator
A struggling young couple in late '80s New York rent an apartment that just so happens to contain a refrigerator that's... a doorway to HELL! Indeed, before our unknowing lessees take over this high rent pit, we watch as the icebox eats a drunken doofus. As the appliance starts to possess our couple, they both experience unsettlingly stupid dreams. The ending consists of a relatively sedate party which breaks out into murderous mayhem when the rest of the kitchen gadgetry goes on a killing spree. A low budget entry into the lunatic fringe with K-Mart style special effects and amateurish acting to boot.

8. The Lift
One day, a seemingly ordinary elevator turns evil, systematically killing the people who ride in it. A journalist starts to investigate these unusual deaths, discovering that the company responsible has been experimenting with devices built out of "organic matter" for some unknown reason. Director Dick Maas would later remake this movie as The Shaft, with Naomi Watts, Michael Ironside, and Twin Peaks' James Marshall in the cast. The update wasn't as wonderfully wonky as the original Danish effort, but then again, how could a movie about a killer elevator be shocking the second time around?

7. The Gingerdead Man
While he's a walking anomaly in and of himself, you've never see Gary Busey -- Oscar nominee Gary Busey -- in as full a glorious goofball mode as you will here. Playing a crazed killer named Millard Findlemeyer, he commits a heinous crime before being sent to the electric chair and cremated. His mother, a witch, then puts the remains in a box of gingerbread spice and sends it to the family of her son's victims. One cut finger, a little blood, and 30 minutes in a 350 degree oven and we have the killer cookie of the title, with Busey's nutburger personality intact.

6. Killer Condom
With a homosexual viewpoint that's quasi-enlightened for the late '90s, this jokey German gem is undeniably wacky. A gay detective named Luigi Mackeroni is assigned the case of the crimes over at the Hotel Quickie. Apparently, all the male guests there have had their penises "bitten" off by... something. Employing a rent boy named Billy, he hopes to crack the case and have a little same sex fun, as well. Sadly, his prophylactic attacks, leaving our hero sans junk... and a clue. Making the situation a personal mission, he comes face-to-face with the title terror. Believe it or not, said items were designed by H.R. Giger himself. No, seriously.

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