Act As If - "Keep Me By Your Side" (audio) (Premiere)

"Keep Me By Your Side" is an archetypal example of a West Coast anthem.

The indie pop outfit Act As If hails from Los Angeles, but you'll know that within a few seconds of its latest tune, "Keep Me By Your Side". It's the kind of carpe diem ballad that sends eyes looking westward, toward the lights of Sunset Boulevard and the sandy beaches of Los Angeles. With its triumphant vocal harmonies and soaring guitars (with just a hint of the Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition" in the rhythm guitar), "Keep Me By Your Side" is a tune that's catchy and earnest, and perfect aural accompaniment for a drive down California's famed Highway 1.

In an interview with Ghettoblaster, vocalist Peter Verdell said in response to a question about which of the band's songs gets the biggest response live: "We’ve played most of them live, with a few more to still figure out, but so far I’d say maybe 'Keep My By Your Side'. It seems to be a gem." Verdell tells PopMatters further along these lines, "I think we created something quite special - something that is unique to us."

Steady Out will be released on November 10th.

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