Stone Jack Jones - "Circumstance" (audio) (Premiere)

Nashville musical mystic Stone Jack Jones has released his newest single, "Circumstance", a song where a lone banjo gives way to rising and falling verses, with spectral vocals creaking throughout a long-rotten homestead on late autumn winds.

After an eight-year musical hiatus, Nashville musical mystic Stone Jack Jones released his third album, Ancestor, earlier this year. Describing his music in a recent mini-documentary on the making of Ancestor, Jones noted, “Despite my nature and inclination to disappear into the dark, my friends have the tendency to rouse me and lead me towards the light. Without them there would be no story told."

One to linger on the past, Jones filmed a video for “In My Dreaming”, a song he wrote following the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Jones recalled the song’s genesis following that difficult autumn: “The day the sky fell a way of life disappeared. A way of seeing ourselves and the world.”

With a yet-unnamed album planned for release in 2015, Jones has issued the album’s first single, “Circumstance”. Featuring Kurt Wagner from Lambchop, a lone banjo gives way to rising and falling verses, with spectral vocals creaking throughout a long-rotten homestead on late autumn winds.

Describing the song, Jones notes “Circumstance” is about "Those unfortunate days when you are the walking dead. It is the banging on the wall that gives others the impression you are one of the living. This is when the blessing of friendship wakes your nightmare up."

A man of the shadows, Jones rarely tours but is crossing the country this fall. Dates are below.


23rd - Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR #

24th - Sam Bond’s Garage – Eugene, OR #

25th - The Depot at Humbolt State University – Arcata, CA #

27th - The Crepe Place – Santa Cruz, CA #

28th - Brick & Mortar Music Hall – San Francisco, CA #

29th - Leo’s – Oakland, CA #

30th – Hotel Café – Los Angeles, CA


1st - Bunkhouse – Las Vegas

10th - Exit / In – Nashville, TN #

12th - North Star Bar – Philadelphia, PA

13th - DC9 – Washington, DC #

14th - The Bell House – Brooklyn, NY &

# w/ O’Death

& w/ O’Death and Death Vessel





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