The Maytags - "Cassius" (audio) (Premiere)

The neo-soul of the Maytags' latest number, "Cassius", is an inviting sample of what's to come on the group's forthcoming EP, Nova.

Des Moines, Iowa is no soul music capital by any stretch of the imagination. However, that hasn't stopped the Des Moines-based band the Maytags from adopting the genre and making it their own. This band's take on it is less ostentatious than many of soul's classic records, and it has a decidedly contemporary feel, in contrast to groups such as St. Paul and the Broken Bones. Nevertheless, this is warm, inviting neo-soul that incorporates gentler touches of folk music to contrast with the horn arrangements. "Cassius", a track off of the Maytags' forthcoming EP Nova, is one such track, striking a balance between relaxed vocal delivery and at times ebullient musical arrangements.

The band says to PopMatters about the tune, "Life doesn't come easy for anyone. We each are dealt our own hand of cards. The song 'Cassius' is about believing, working hard, and staying true to yourself."

Nova EP, which is being released independently by The Maytags, is out on December 2nd.

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