Kye Kye - "Her (Remix)" (video) (Premiere)

Evocative and sensual, Kye Kye's remix of its own track "Her" reveals it to be a band always interested in reinventing itself.

Kye Kye is made up of the Portland, Oregon by way of Estonia Yagolnikov siblings, Olga (lead vocals and guitar), Alex (keyboards), and Timothy (programming, keyboards and guitar), who are joined by Olga's husband Thomas Phelan on drums. At the start of 2014 the quartet dropped its sophomore LP, Fantasize; it then followed that up in September with Fantasize Remixes, a collection of band-made remixes of the Fantasize album cuts. Below you can watch the video for the remix of the track "Her", directed by Marty Martin.

Olga had this to say to PopMatters about the video: "This video was such a fun and different experience. I had to challenge myself to be in a specific headspace while filming and I loved working with director Marty Martin. Before filming I told Marty about the song, how it's about a story dear to my heart and how I grew up watching and loving many classic fairytale cartoons. Marty did an absolute phenomenal job captivating the viewer so they feel enveloped in this fairytale world. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did!"

Fantasize and Fantasize Remixes are available now through Valga.

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