Pain of Salvation – “1979” (video)

Pain of Salvation, one of Sweden's best musical exports, has just released a nostalgic, home movie-esque video for the acoustic version of "1979", from the forthcoming acoustic album Falling Home.

Following 2011’s excellent Road Salt Two, the Swedish progressive rock band Pain of Salvation spent many years touring its new music. Just recently, the group announced its newest release, Falling Home, an album that finds it reinterpreting new and old material in the Pain of Salvation catalogue with acoustic instruments. Below you can watch the video for “1979”, the tender piano ballad at the center of Road Salt Two, here given a fine reimagining in its acoustic version. The song’s video treatment, a collage of home video footage, is especially fitting given the the nostalgia of the lyrics.

Falling Home is out on January 13, 2015 in the US and most of Europe on November 10th via InsideOut.