Sleepless Inn - "Karol Simon" (video) (Premiere)

Sleepless Inn release debut music video juxtaposing ‘40s noir aura with a contemporary rave vibe

In their first ever music video, Detroit’s Sleepless Inn visually balance a neon luminescence with a dark underbelly, a trait inherent to their era- and genre-merging music. “Karol Simon”, from debut The Rainbow Room EP, is a mishmash of modern dream pop built around metallic, clacking beats, scraping sound effects and Laura Finlay’s seductive intonations.

The video is rife with vibrant red, blues, and purples, negative shots of cryptic dancers, and Finlay assuming a chanteuse role amid the smoky backdrop. With its darker elements, it juxtaposes a ‘40s noir aura with a contemporary rave vibe. It was directed by #CoOwnaz, a loosely defined artists’ collective, with specific attention by Bryan “Mister” Lackner, J. Walker, and Sleepless Inn’s own beat manufacturer, Eddie Logix, with lighting by Prince of Darkness.

“It’s all about the light show,” Logix said of the video. “(We) wanted to do some cool imagery with a lot of colors to offset some of the undertones in the song and also give people a look at what we do live.”

And as for the song’s name?

“We’re just into full names that are made up of male and female first names,” Logix said. “Like Meg Ryan for instance. Figure the Meg Ryan thing ties into the sleepless theme.”

Sleepless Inn’s EP is available on their Bandcamp page.

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