Nat Jay – “Just a Little More” (video) (Premiere)

The British Columbia-based Nat Jay is becoming a rising talent in her native Canada, and the tender pop of "Just a Little More" gives a pretty easy reason as to why that's happening.

Nat Jay may be in the early years of her songwriting career, but already she has garnered a great deal of attention. Her music has appeared on ABC’s Men In Trees, The CW’s Heartland, MTV’s The Hills, SyFy’s Continuum and CBC’s Arctic Air. “Can’t Getcha Out”, one of the lead tracks off of her new album All I Think When I Wake Up, took the title of “Best of British Columbia” courtesy of the Canadian radio station Shore 104.3FM. Her rising prominence led Popdose to cheekily describe her as “perhaps the loveliest Canadian pop star import since Robin Sparkles.” Below, you can watch the lyric video for the song “Just a Little More”, which also features on All I Think When I Wake Up.

Jay tells PopMatters quite a bit about the song: “‘Just A Little More’ is actually my favourite song on the album. I wrote it right before going in the studio, and I remember it coming out quite quickly. Lyrically, it really touches on what I was feeling at the time, the good and bad of wanting more. Sometimes wanting too much out of a person or situation can drive us mad, but sometimes realizing that we don’t have to settle for something that doesn’t satisfy us can drive us to get more out of life. Musically, I also love the vibe of it. It’s the only song on the album that I actually played guitar on, and the only song we had any strings on, played by University of Toronto cello student, Evan Lamberton.

“When it came to the lyric video, I engaged digital artist Paul Sturgeon, who also did the lyric video for ‘Can’t Getcha Out’. I wanted to let him be creative with it and bring his vision to light, and when he told me about his idea of leaves falling and flowers going through their lifecycle, it seemed like just the right fit for a song that encapsulates the changes we go through ourselves. He also kept a bit of home in there, as the background image is my hometown of Vancouver.”

All I Think When I Wake Up, which Jay released independently, is out now.