Lake Malawi - "Chinese Trees" (audio) (Premiere)

A genial slice of UK pop, the keyboard driven "Chinese Trees" is the latest from the up-and-coming outfit Lake Malawi.

Fans of Bon Iver will have their ears perk up with they hear the name of the latest project by Albert Cerny (of Charlie Straight fame), called Lake Malawi. While the band's name is an allusion to that somber American indie titan, Lake Malawi the band makes music for large arenas, not rustic Wisconsin cabins. The group's latest single, "Chinese Trees", begins with a verse backed by staccato keyboard notes, which then give way to an anthemic, melodic chorus.

"Chinese Trees" follows the single "Always June", both of which are the early offerings of this young enterprise.

Cerny tells PopMatters this about the tune: "This song gives so much such positive energy and raw enthusiasm each time we play it. It feels like a big burden was lifted off my back and we're ready to fly. I hope it works this way for people who are listening to it now. I would be really happy if it did."

"Chinese Trees" will be available for download on December 1st.

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