Loveskills – ‘Pure’ EP (audio) (Premiere)

Fans of artists like Frank Ocean and the Weekend ought to give Pure EP by the Brooklyn producer and musician Loveskills.

With artists like Frank Ocean and the Weeknd garnering global attention for their updated takes on R&B, it’s no surprise that the genre has seen a significant uptick in the past few years. For that reason, Brooklyn musician and producer Loveskills (Richard Spitzer) fits right in with the musical climate of his time. Pure EP, his latest offering, is replete with falsetto vocals, sensuous synth arrangements, and plenty of wicked beats to boot. Beginning with a cover of the Smashing Pumpkins’ “Luna”, the EP is a short but nonetheless clear declaration of Loveskills’ sonic MO.

Spitzer told PopMatters this about the EP: “Rather than thinking too much about structures that already exist I dug into my own crates of musical memories and moments from my past.”

Pure EP is out now through the Brooklyn label No Shame.