audiomachine – “Phoenix Rising (Cole Plante Remix)” (audio) (Premiere)

Trailer music production company audiomachine is getting several of its signature tunes remixed by a broad range of musicians. Below you can stream Cole Plante's remix of "Phoenix Rising", the original track of which was used in the trailer for Assassin's Creed: Black Flag.

You know those epic, sweeping strings and plodding horn sections that make video game trailers so grandiose? Well, the folks responsible for those trailers aren’t just culling Hans Zimmer B-sides; production houses like audiomachine in fact spend a great deal of time creating compositions that bolster trailer footage in an intense way. Now, with audiomachine: Remixed, 18 of the company’s songs are being remixed by a variety of different artists. The talented and young (born in 1996) musician Cole Plante took the helm for a remix of “Phoenix Rising”, a track previously heard in trailers for Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.

Plante says to PopMatters about his remix, “I feel that whether it be synthesized, orchestral or traditional instruments, there’s always a common bond. I always try to combine all the original elements along with new synths & percussion parts so that the remix had an even, balanced sound. I’m a huge gamer and a huge fan of movie trailers and epic movie scores, so I love how audiomachine’s compositions incorporate all of those elements. That’s what drew me to ‘Phoenix Rising’ and audiomachine’s work in general- because they work in any of those three realms of music production. Working within all the elements, I try to find a bridge to where they are cohesive with one another but still paying homage to the original and bringing in new soundscapes, approaching the remix as if it was my own original production.”

audiomachine: Remixed is out on November 11th via CD Baby.

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