Son of Stan - "Loseyomind" (video) (Premiere)

Unabashedly soaked in corny '80s sheen, the wildly fun and creative video for Son of Stan's "Loseyomind" is a creative and delirious complement to the music.

Producer and drummer Jordan Richardson took a big step in 2012: he left his highly successful spot in Ben Harper's band Relentless7. His tenure in that group resulted in a Grammy award for 2013's Get Up!, to stay nothing of the extensive touring and producing he did during that time (including a stint with Ringo Starr). Creatively, however, Richardson's departure proved to be a wise move, given the music he has made under the moniker Son of Stan. Following 2013's cheekily titled Divorce Pop, Richardson just released his newest EP, Georgia. Below you can watch the video for "Loseyomind", the EP's second single.

The video has to be seen to be believed, but as far as visual descriptions go, it is a cross between Xena: Warrior Princess, Wilfred, and an '80s workout instruction film.

The video stars Richardson's sister Natalie Richardson as a bored and frustrated personal trainer with a penchant for partying, stuck in the vicious cycle of work apathy by day and poison yourself party by night and an all but forgotten love life which culminates in a spiral towards madness, finding our anti-hero living off the grid and losing her mind, all while her childhood teddy bear (played by Son of Stan) acts as a furry tempter, encouraging her to lose it all. The video is the directorial debut of Kilby Rodell and Max Loeb.

Delightfully cryptic, Richardson describes the video as depicting both "the unwinding psyche of a San Fernando valley gym instructor" and, most enigmatically of all, "The misunderstood relationship between Woman, Man, Mind, and Bear."

Georgia EP is out now via Wizardvision.

Son of Stan opens for Warpaint on 7 November at The Echoplex in LA and will be on tour throughout the rest of the year and 2015.

Stream Sons of Stan's most recent album, Divorce Pop, via Bandcamp:

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