Ani DiFranco – “Careless Words” (video) (Premiere)

The latest video from "the high priestess of feminist folk" Ani DiFranco pairs a tune from her latest LP, Allergic to Water, with intriguing linear imagery.

In her PopMatters review of Ani DiFranco’s latest album, Allergic to Water, Annie Galvin called her “the high priestess of feminist folk”. Having been putting out records on a consistent basis since 1990, DiFranco’s credentials are beyond reproach, as are her commitments to human rights and justice, both of which remain key lyrical themes of her. Allergic to Water carries on in DiFranco’s legacy, and it finds DiFranco taking the helm on nearly the entirety of the project; it is the first LP of hers in ten years that is completely produced by her.

Below you can watch the new video devised for Allergic to Water‘s “Careless words. In her review of the album, Galvin writes that “Careless Words” documents “the difficulty of maintaining clear communication and physical intimacy in long-term relationships.”

DiFranco tells PopMatters about the song, “I think Brian [Grunert, visual designer] and Zak [Cain, animator] did an awesome job on this video. It’s cool to see one of my songs interpreted visually with such style and grace. “

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Allergic to Water is out now via Righteous Babe.