The Honeyrunners - "Under Control" (video) (Premiere)

An execution style kill goes down in a forest... or does it? You'll have to watch the latest music video by the Toronto rockers the Honeyrunners to find out -- and get a potent dose of the Black Crowes style riffs to boot.

The Honeyrunners hail from Toronto, but you'd be forgiven for thinking them another retro-minded American rock 'n' roll band. The spirit of the Black Crowes is alive and well with this young outfit, whose latest outing, EP 2, features the driving number "Under Control". On its own, the song is a real jam, with staccato riffs building up a tense mood. The tension builds even more, however, in the song's video, which opens with a man being knelt down, just about to be shot, and then... well, for that, you'll just have to watch the rest below.

Video director Dan Dwoskin says to PopMatters about the video, "We took a page out of Tarantino's book & decided that 'Under Control' needed a dark, twisted music video about losing control. Things got very intense in that forest."


Directed by: Dan Dwoskin

Filmed by: Cliff Bielawski & Daniel Duguay

Edited & Graded by: Cliff Bielawski

Hostage: Spencer Waugh

Driver: Marcus Bucci

Hitman: Jon Robinson

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EP 2 is out now. You can stream it in its entirety via Bandcamp:

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