Casey Jack - "Too Far Gone" (video) (Premiere)

The video for Casey Jack's "Too Far Gone" tells the tale of a love gone bad, with a healthy dose of post-Halloween spookiness thrown into the mix.

In August, PopMatters premiered the eponymous debut album by the Springfield, Missouri-based Casey Jack. Now, one of the Casey Jack cuts, "Too Far Gone", has a spooky video to enhance the song's musings on a love gone south. Alternating between color and black and white forms a tense contrast as Casey Jack unfolds his tale.

He had this to say to PopMatters about his latest video: "'Too Far Gone' is a reflection on a poisonous relationship. The song was written two years ago, when I was going through a personal hell where love was concerned. I fell for the wrong one and I paid the price. This song is what was left after all was said and done.”

Casey Jack is out now via Rough Beast.

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