Adria - "Pull Me Under" (audio) (Premiere)

Adria, one of the land down under's newest musical exports, offers up her moody first single "Pull Me Under" for streaming here at PopMatters.

Australian singer Adria's vocals on her new single "Pull Me Under" combine the moodiness of Lorde with the echoey, spacey effects that Lana Del Rey has come to be so famous for. These sonic signposts are hardly surprising, given Adria's bringing on of producers Matthew Wiggins (Adele, Florence and the Machine, Coldplay, and Lorde, among others) and Viktor Balter-Lundin (Lykke Li) in the creation of "Pull Me Under". However, Adria's writing of the song came not out of the desire for the next Top 40 hit, but something more elemental. She cites her fascination with water as an inspiration for the track: "I’m attracted to its characteristics: strength, calmness, roughness, fluidity. It can be ruthless, yet it can also be still and quiet, which I like. It can take on so many different personalities which I think can be mirrored with human characteristics."

Adria further explains the frame of mind that motivated the creation of "Pull Me Under" to PopMatters: "Contrast is what makes life interesting, and it is the biggest inspiration behind my music. The highs and lows, life and death, black and white. I don't find myself visiting the grey area too often."

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