Devin Sinha - "Lone Elm Road" (video) (Premiere)

Devin Sinha offers up the newest video from his latest studio outing, The Seventh Season, for the tune rockish folk of "Lone Elm Road".

Seattle by way of Kansas City singer/songwriter Devin Sinha just dropped his newest LP, The Seventh Season. Of the many tunes that exemplify his rock and pop-tinged folk style on the album, "Lone Elm Road" stands out in particular. Sinha filmed a video for the track, which can be viewed below.

Sinha describes the song to PopMatters: “'Lone Elm Road' blends contemporary folk with a rock flair, telling the story of a man who sells his soul for a quick gain and how it comes back to destroy him in the end. The video features high action, quick shots, and thrilling acrobatics that perfectly suit the ebb and flow of the gritty electric guitars and driving drum rhythms of the track.”

Video for "Lone Elm Road":

Audio for "Lone Elm Road":

The Seventh Season is out now. You can stream it via Bandcamp below:

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