The Valdons​ - “Just How Much Can One Man Stand” 45 Single (audio) (Premiere)

Get a taste of what's to come this Black Friday from the Twin Cities soul group The Valdons through an exclusive listen to a new track and an almost lost one.

This Black Friday, the world will get a chance to spin a 7" vinyl of a long-lost track by the oft-overlooked Twin Cities, Minnesota soul outfit the Valdons. The two-track vinyl release features two takes on the track "Just How much Can One Man Stand": one recently recorded, the other a demo from 1971. Those looking to delve into some history related to the fertile Twin Cities funk scene will have much to learn from the Valdons, who during their heyday in the late '60s and early '70s were among the most popular groups in their local scene.

Vocalist Monroe Wright says to PopMatters about this special release, "I'm excited to see the record come out, because when it was it written, we were in our prime as The Valdons. We were writing and recording on a continuous basis. Napoleon Crayton was the lead singer at the time, and I'm glad this gives him more recognition, because he was such a great artist and vocalist. It's been a long a time coming! We wrote this song a very long time ago and it's great to see it come out now.

"I think this record is a tribute to the era. When it was written, it was the era of the Impressions, and Curtis. The vocal stylings going at that time were great. This is from that time, but it is still relevant today. I also feel the up to date version did the original version justice."

Side A of the 7", the new version of “Just How Much Can One Man Stand”:

Side B of the 7", the 1971 demo of “Just How Much Can One Man Stand”:

The “Just How Much Can One Man Stand” 7" will be available on Black Friday, 28 November, via Secret Stash Records.

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