Dirt Dress: Revelations EP

Post-punk outfit Dirt Dress stretches out in all directions on Revelations EP.

Dirt Dress

Revelations EP

US Release: 2014-11-18
UK Release: 2014-11-18
Label: Future Gods

Post-punk outfit Dirt Dress stretches out in all directions on the Revelations EP. The four songs here sound like different tangents in a discussion about pop music. The EP often pits the smooth and sweet against the brittle. "Skin Diving" does this best, as the echoing guitars, the plainspoken vocals, the dry snapping drums, and humming keyboards all etch each other into shape by clashing together. The title track offers a shadowy, scraped-out variation on this theme. The other two tracks, "Twelve Pictures" and "Three Silk Flowers", try the same path but suffer from a lack of balance, as these elements don't clash so much as they tangle and get confused, burying the band's pop sensibilities under the mess. Revelations EP cuts an interesting path through various influences and sounds, but it's at its best when it leaves some breadcrumbs for you to follow.


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