The Plastics - "All I Really Want (SWMMNG Remix)" (audio) (Premiere)

The M83-esque remix of the Cape Town band the Plastics' "All I Really Want" is a fresh take on the part of remixer SWMMNG.

In choosing someone to remix their music, Cape Town, South Africa's the Plastics chose to keep it within their native borders, landing on the talented producer SWMMNG (the artistic name of Sean Ross), who also lives from Cape Town. The choice is a smart one, as you can clearly hear in SWMMNG's remix of "All I Really Want", which you can stream below.

The Plastics tell PopMatters a bit about their choice to bring on SWMMNG to remix their music: "Sean Ross, aka SWMMNG, is an incredibly talented young producer. After hearing his debut Venus in Sunset, we knew we"d like to collaborate with him some time. His remix is both fresh and nostalgic it's got depth, great synth tones and still pays homage to the feel of the original. We love his vocal cutting and pitch shifting as well. The remix has a great night time feel to it and reminds us of lights, lens flares and double vision. We are very happy with what he's done to the track."

SWMMING explains what he saw in the song, "The psychedelic wave of 'All I Really Want' was what got me hooked and wanting to remix the track. The Plastics have been pumping out beautifully melodic tracks for awhile now and I wanted to get involved in the density of their music. The song 'All I really Want' echoes a heavy longing which I wanted to mirror while adding the SWMMNG zest."

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