Geoff Ong - "The Last Song I'll Ever Write About You" (audio) (Premiere)

"The Last Song I'll Ever Write About You" finds songwriter Geoff Ong discovering the most danceable, catchy way of moving on from a dissolved relationship.

New Zealand native Geoff Ong recently took to studying music at the prestigious Berkelee College of Music in Boston, where he recently held a pre-release party for his newest EP, The Boston. Below, you can stream a track off of the EP, the neo-soul inflected "The Last Song I'll Ever Write About You". While a big breakup may be hard to get over, Ong sounds like he truly is writing the last song he'll write about a past love of his, as evidenced by the buoyant mood of the songwriting.

Geoff Ong tells PopMatters more about this song: "'The Last Song I'll Ever Write About You' is a song I wrote whilst examining my need to move on from a past love (as are many of the songs on The Boston EP). I guess the idea I was trying to explore was one of taking more of an active role in freeing myself from old feelings and sentiments, as opposed to just dwelling on them and hoping they'd go away. For me personally, my songwriting is often a good indicator of where I'm at mentally. So, when I wrote this song, I kinda knew that I was ready to start actively moving on, which was a good moment for me. I think that's why it came out sounding so upbeat and dancey! I think overall it's a positive and hopeful song, despite what some of the lyrics might suggest."

The Boston EP will be out soon.

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