Kiesza – “Hideaway” Video + Pandora Discovery Den Photos

Pandora's Second Holiday Discovery Den lineup originally included Charli XCX but when she dropped out Kiesza stepped up to entertain.

The free Pandora Holiday Discovery Den event was a fun party for the young crowd that managed to get in and escape the deluge outside. The original bill for the event included Rudimental, the Neighbourhood and Charli XCX, just a week or two ahead of the release of her second album Sucker. However, because of some apparent conflict, the British Charli XCX had to drop off. So the organizers tapped Canadian singer Kiesza to fill in, though they did bump up the Neighbourhood to be the headliner.

With the show being intent on helping one discover music, it’s worth checking out Kiesza’s song “Hideaway” if you are a fan of electronic pop music as it’s a propulsive dance number that sounds fresh even with it’s ’90s electronica vibe. For what it’s worth, while we entirely missed Rudimental, the crowd thinned out a lot after Kiesza’s middle of the show set, so we decided to only watch a little bit of the Neighbourhood and take a break for a cab in the rain early. Pandora has been offering up free shows in New York and other cities this year, and while the “Discovery Den” was more of a fun party atmosphere, the online radio hosted a show with Thurston Moore in NYC a few days afterwards that catered to those with rock sensibilities. The Discovery Den will likely reappear at SXSW in 2015.


The Neighbourhood: