Sporting Life - "Spoil Yr Party" (video) (Premiere)

A driving anthem for those striving to break free from the mundane 9-to-5 routine, "Spoil Yr Party" is a potent first taste of what's to come on Sporting Life's new LP, Rivalry.

Sporting a pop streak that's unafraid to be aggressive, the San Francisco outfit Sporting Life is set to release its new album, Rivalry, just about the time folks start preparing themselves for the springtime. Fitting, too, as the high-energy music of the group is well suited for sunnier environs. But "Spoil Yr Party", the video of which you can stream below, is the kind of rock number that's fit for all seasons, as it's a driving tune that expresses a universal frustration that, in the modern day, knows no temporal constraints.

Guitarist Andrew Gomez explains this frustration to PopMatters: “The song is about the futile fight against a mundane existence: the 'get up, eat, go to work, go back to bed' life. We like to think we are one big break away from escaping the average. In truth, it requires some real bravery, so many of us (and certainly I) do what the narrator does in the chorus/second verse: drink his face off, act obnoxiously at parties, surround himself with diversions, and act like he's smarter than everyone else. It's a celebration of the fleeting. The footage is taken from a 1980 documentary called Skateboard Madness that featured a bit on the popularity of roller-skating. The footage makes it easy to be taken in. it seems like a short documentary on a fantastic time that never existed."

Rivalry is out on 10 March.

Stream the first single from Rivalry, "Tsunami", below:

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