Corey Dargel - "There's Nothing There" (video) (Premiere)

The sophisticated and catchy experimental pop of "There's Nothing There" is an intriguing preview of his new record, OK It's Not OK.

When "quiescence" is one of the words used in a pop song, you guess with reasonable confidence that the tune would be best classed as "thinking person's pop". Such is certainly the case for the new LP by Corey Dargel, OK It's Not OK, and its lead track "There's Nothing There", the video of which you can stream below. Although the main refrain of the song has Dargel singing, “It’s not a disguise / My vacant stare / Look into my eyes / There’s nothing there”, it's easy to tell that those lines themselves form something of a mask for Dargel. The eclectic arrangements and quirky mood of "There's Nothing There" reveals Dargel to be a composer with a lot going on in his head.

Dargel says to PopMatters, "This song, 'There's Nothing There', may be the world's most lighthearted song about a total lack of feelings. Multifaceted artist Doug Fitch contributes paintings made with disappearing ink for an equally ephemeral music video."

OK It's Not OK is out on 27 January via New Amsterdam.

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