FaltyDL: ///III\\ EP

A hodgepodge EP from the "intelligent" electronica producer Andrew Lustman, aka FaltyDL, includes remixes from µ-Ziq and Brrd.
///III\\ EP
Ninja Tune

This is a fairly typical EP as far as those things go. You get an extended version and four remixes of tracks from Andrew Lustman’s 2014 album In the Wild. Plus there are a few experiments with abstract, self-indulgent titles. Most of the material here is of the amorphous, nearly-ambient variety. Lustman’s two treated piano pieces are actually quite pretty and sad, if not groundbreaking. µ-Ziq’s typically punchy, quirky take on “Rolling” and Lustman’s own jazzy remix of “Do Me” are enjoyable enough, though their upbeat nature hardly fits in with everything else. But that’s how it usually goes with EPs.

RATING 6 / 10