Nick Lutsko - "Predator" (audio) (Premiere)

Nick Lutsko's 2013 debut LP is folky with an eccentric undercurrent. With his new album, however, he goes a little off the reservation; as "Predator" evinces, this is definitely for the better.

Etc. is a fitting title for the sophomore studio outing of the Chattanooga, Tennessee songwriter Nick Lutsko. Anyone familiar with the young artist from his 2013 debut recording Heart of Mold -- well, let's just say that anyone that thinks they already know the music of Lutsko should suspend whatever knowledge they might think they have. With Etc., Lutsko breaks out of the largely folksy trappings of his first record and dives headfirst into a colorful mélange of noise. Case in point: lead single "Predator" is a rock song that pays tribute to the beauty of chaos. Atop a funky bassline, Lutsko throws in some sludgy guitars, clipped beats, and an array of other sounds. As a preview of what's to come on Etc., "Predator" reminds you to strap on your seatbelts -- this is going to be an unexpected ride.

Lutsko tells PopMatters about the tune, "The song tells the tale of a few guys who use religion to manipulate others and drive their own agenda. I've come to learn that a lot of people who are overly self-righteous often have the most (and dirtiest) skeletons in their closets. You can turn on the news any day of the week and see this, but the song was directly inspired by two individuals who inhabit my day-to-day life."

Etc. is out on 17 March.

For a study in contrasts, you can stream Lutsko's debut LP, Heart of Mold, via the Bandcamp player below, where it is also available at a pay-what-you-will price:

Splash image by Harris Oates.

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