Andy Kim - "Longest Time" (audio) (Premiere)

After teaming up with Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew, the reputable singer/songwriter Andy Kim reinvigorated his musical passions with his new LP, It's Decided.

You might now him as Baron Longfellow -- or just Longfellow -- but no matter the name changes he's undergone, Andy Kim ( Andrew Youakim) has never shed his distinctive songwriting voice. Having been active in the music world since the early '60s, Kim has a musical pedigree that is beyond reproach. Most famously, he cut the number one 1974 single "Rock Me Gently", as well as the classic Archies tune "Sugar, Sugar". It's been quite a long time since those years, but Kim hasn't lost any of his verve, as evinced by his latest studio affair, It's Decided. For this record, Kim teamed up with Broken Social Scene founding member Kevin Drew, who proved to be a boon to Kim in the recording process. One of the fruits of this artistic union, "Longest Time", can be streamed below. The track is indicative of Kim's impressively young-sounding voice and his knack for effervescent melodies.

Kim tells PopMatters this about "Longest Time": "Although I've always held a childlike belief that my day was not yet done, I never expected to live the love and passion that Kevin gave me, as well as the creative process that has become my new album."

Drew adds, "This is Andy’s heartfelt want to still make it even though many would say his history is enough. Gentle and enigmatic, ageless and ecstatic, Andy always looks to transcend and find the honesty in what he does and does with others.”

It's Decided is out on 24 February via Arts & Crafts.

Splash image: Kevin Drew (left) and Andy Kim (right), photo by Norman Wong.

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