Live Footage – “Lost (Frank Ocean cover)” (video) (Premiere)

The minimalist funk of Frank Ocean's "Lost" gets a unique treatment in the hands of the cello/drums duo Live Footage, all of it captured on a GoPro camera.

Together, Topu Lyo (five string cello and effects) and Mike Thies (drums and keyboards) make up Live Footage, an experimental and eclectic outlet of musical exploration that the duo describes as “IDM: impressionistic dance music”. With this intriguing aesthetic, Live Footage have now taken to covering the music of Frank Ocean, namely the track “Lost”, off of 2012’s critically acclaimed channel ORANGE. Lyo and Thies’ dexterous musical skill and crafty ear for tinkering with melody are alive and well in this inspired take on “Lost”.

The duo tells PopMatters a bit about their decision to cover this particular tune: “‘Lost’ was actually DJed every Sunday for several months after our Apotheke show* by Matt Ballinger and Phil, who both work there. We loved the production and vibe in the song and wanted to do a live GoPro recording.”

*Live Footage have a residency at the Apotheke venue in New York City’s Chinatown neighborhood every Sunday from 10PM to 1AM; attendance is free.