KNTRLR - "Halogen" (audio) (Premiere)

With minor key synth arpeggios and a totally danceable mood, KNTRLR's "Halogen" is the second track from the electronic duo's debut record, The Great Filter.

"Charles and Michael are KNTRLR", reads the bio of this electronic duo. While the photo of the two men above might alarm some -- clearly that bartender has not had her ID checked -- there's nothing overly mysterious about what they do, even though they elect to only go by their first names in press materials. For instance, take the track "Halogen", a number off of the duo's forthcoming debut The Great Filter: sure, there's plenty of vague and attention-arousing lyrics (at one point it's sung that "we're reptilian", whatever that might mean), but above all else it's all about the hook and the ability to get feet moving on the dance floor, which "Halogen" has in spades. Then again, that's not to say this is an ordinary collaboration; after all, they've been described as "[if] the Walkmen joined with Death Grips and toured brothels." To figure out what that might just mean, stream "Halogen" below.

KNTRLR tells PopMatters, "'Halogen' was written and recorded after we'd finished the rest of the album. The whole thing -- from finding the initial synth line to recording the vocals -- was completed in about two weeks.

"The lyrics of the song grew out of a fucked up story I overheard when I was in a bar in Mobile, Alabama a couple years ago. As for the name 'Halogen': halogen elements are highly reactive because they are incomplete and they can cause a lot of harm in their search for what they need.

"In the context of the album, 'Halogen' kinda serves as a darker counterpart to the positive sound of 'XXX'. Speaking in MC Hammer terms - if 'XXX' is 'Adams Family Groove', then 'Halogen' would definitely be 'Pumps and a Bump.'"

The Great Filter is out on 24 February via Goodnight Records.

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