Watching for Foxes: Until the Winter Comes

Watching for Foxes becomes a folk band to watch with their latest EP.
Watching For Foxes
Until the Winter Comes EP

Grand Rapid’s Watching for Foxes continues their ascent as staples of the local folk scene with an alternative twist on their second studio EP, Until the Winter Comes. On the EP, Joey Frendo offers an emotively clear-cut lilt to front an ensemble of guitars, fiddles, and hefty percussion from fellow bandmates Jared Meeuwenberg, Brandon Hanes, Max Morrison, and Olivia Mainville. They meld a compellingly full sound for an acoustic band with Damien Rice-esque commercial melodies paired with strong lyrics, and the Michigan collective reaches new heights with their latest release.

The band introduces some brass in the plucky, buoyant, but fragile “Broken Hymns”, with follow-up track “The Hunt / The Kill” offering the weightiest delivery from them yet. Until the Winter Comes closes on the gradually rising “Freedom Hymn”, which eventually evolves into a full-on jam on behalf of the entire band. Though they still haven’t reached their fullest potential, they have definitely elevated themselves with Until the Winter Comes.

RATING 7 / 10