Anthonie Tonnon - "Water Underground" (audio) (US Premiere)

New Zealand's own Anthonie Tonnon's pop smarts are in full display on his latest single, "Water Underground".

Imagine the twee and off-kilter vocals of Jens Lekman, add a major power boost and you've got the New Zealand musician Anthonie Tonnon. Every now and again you one can hear Lekman-esque inflections in his voice, but whereas that Swedish singer's delivery can often be cloying and (intentionally) corny, Tonnon's vocals are powerful right when they need to be, just as they are on the song "Water Underground". The track, a cut off of his forthcoming Successor LP, finds Tonnon's voice met by a catchy strumming pattern on the guitar, which then builds into a simple yet especially effective chorus.

Stream "Water Underground" below:

Successor is out on 3 March via Wild Kindness.

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