Molehill - "The Repeating" (video) (Premiere)

The latest tune by the Chicago rock outfit Molehill is an exercise in indie rock minimalism.

On their website, the Chicago rock outfit Molehill is broken down thusly: "Trevor Jones, a classical upright bass player with a penchant for distortion; Devin Staples, a drummer in the venerable Chicago gospel circuit; and Greg Van Zuiden, a classical pianist who had only performed solo in the past." Frontman Peter Manhart "developed his love for performance in a touring Ukrainian dance troupe in his youth." Put simply, Molehill isn't a run-of-the-mill kind of group, as both their background and their latest tune, "The Repeating", evince. Driven by groovy bass distortion and an earworm of a chorus, the track is one of the more powerful performances on the group's new LP, Tin God.

Below you can view the shadowy video to "The Repeating", directed by Kyle Dunleavy of Rhapsody Productions.

Jones tells PopMatters more about the song: "'The Repeating' is a song that began as an exercise in minimalism: one driving drum and bass groove and slowly adding layers on top. J Hall [producer] championed this song from the first time he heard it and pushed us to work this song out because it was a departure from our previous album, Equinox. We wanted more of that programmed, hypnotic feel, but with a human performance.

"The lyric 'I’ve been to war' does not refer to war literally in the military sense but rather the internal and external wars that each of us fight every day."

The self-released Tin God is out on 10 February. You can pre-order it via PledgeMusic.

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