Rozwell Kid - "Hummus Vacuum" (audio) (Premiere)

Indie rockers Rozwell Kid take the pains of something not sitting well in the stomach and channel them into a song that really rips.

Rozwell Kid has a penchant for the absurd. The rock quartet's bio on their Facebook page simply reads: "'whose line is it anyway?' fantasy draft 2014 champions". (One supposes congratulations are in order?) Then there's a title like "Hummus Vacuum", a track off of their new release, the limited edition cassette Good Graphics. The song is noteworthy for its delightfully chunk guitar distortion, but perhaps more so for its lyrics. Take, for instance, the opening lines: "My guts are twisting / From that burger I ate / In the parking lot / In the dark". From there, more and more aliments get added into the equation, namely pizza and the titular hummus. Echoes of Weezer's off-kilter charms can be heard in this pleasantly odballish tune by this equally odballish group.

Guitarist and lead vocalist Jordan Hudkins tells PopMatters about the track, "'Hummus Vacuum' is a fairly literal song, straightforward and based on a true story. It hinges on the juxtaposition of ideas and concepts such as eating one's feelings, regret, delusion, hope, and malaise -- I mean, mayonnaise."

Good Graphics is out on 10 March via Infinity Cat Recordings. The release is part of Infinity Cat's Cassette Series, and is limited to a run of 300 copies.

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