Newborn – ‘Broken Virgo’ EP (album stream) (Premiere)

Newborn's debut EP Broken Virgo is "their way of saying 'rock is not dead'". Stream the EP below and hear the proof for yourself.

Newborn may be one of the seemingly endless “Brooklyn-based” bands in the world at the moment, but right from the outset of their Broken Virgo EP it becomes clear they’re of a different ilk than their neighbors in Williamsburg and Park Slope. Whereas the rock that comes out of this most unaffordable of the Five Boroughs trends toward the twee, Newborn inject a muscular, hard edge into their rock — check the metallic opening riff to “Passing By”. The catchy “Uma” even has a guitar solo that will satisfy fans of classic hard rock. Those looking for rock ‘n’ roll that’s willing to fall out of line of its regional scene should no doubt look into Broken Virgo EP.

The band tells PopMatters about the process of making the EP: “All 5 songs on the EP were recorded at Grand Street Studios, a place that felt like home to us from the second we walked in. In the end, it felt like every song could be a single; there are no “fillers” whatsoever, and that’s something we’re really proud of. Regardless of what genre of rock you’re into, there is something for everyone to enjoy on the album, from hard to soft and everything in between. We honestly couldn’t be happier with Broken Virgo. It’s our way of saying “rock is not dead”.

Broken Virgo is out on 10 February