Country Fried Rock: 6 String Drag

Photo: Michael Traister

6 String Drag was a regionally beloved Southern roots rock band, who seemingly fell off the face of the earth at the top of their game. Bass player, Rob Keller, tells what happened and how they made it back.

Kenny Roby (previously featured here) and Rob Keller disbanded 6 String Drag at the top of their game, nearly 15 years ago. The first new album from 6 String Drag, Roots Rock N Roll, brings the group together again, ranging the gamut of roots rock with their brother-from-another-mother harmonies. Why would a regionally beloved band, seemingly at the peak of success, fall off the face of the earth? Love.

With rumors of an album in the can and perched at the edge of national breakout, the band simply disappeared in the mid-1990s. Roby & Keller remained friends and continued to be in different musical projects through the years, and eventually found their way back to re-forming 6 String Drag.

Those shelved songs made special crowdfunding perks, and the JAG Sessions are now available to all, as is their brand new album, Roots Rock & Roll.

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