Hot Chip Announces New Album, Releases New Single "Hurache Lights" (video)

The British electro-pop outfit Hot Chip has just announced their newest LP, Why Make Sense? They've also released a video for the groovy first single "Huarache Lights".

Following their stunning career peak in 2012's In Our Heads, Hot Chip have readied their sixth studio LP, with the delightful Why Make Sense? They've also put out a video for lead single "Huarache Lights", a track that finds these English gents, as always, displaying their uncanny ability to get feet moving on the dance floor. The track highlights all that's come to be expected of this fine group, and provides an optimistic outlook for what's to come on Why Make Sense?.

As Hot Chip's head-scratching music videos ("Night and Day" and, most memorably, "I Feel Better") attest, making sense isn't exactly a top priority for these guys -- frankly, their music is all the better for it. For now, it can safely be said that while Hot Chip might not always Make Sense, but their infectious music certainly does.

"Huarache Lights":

Why Make Sense? is out on 19 May via Domino.

The band has also announced tours of the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States. The following are the dates that have been set so far:

Feb 1 -- Gateshead, UK: BBC Radio 6 Music Festival (Sold Out)

May 12 -- Glasgow, UK @ Glasgow School of Art

May 13 -- Manchester, UK @ Gorilla

May 14 -- London, UK @ Oval Space

May 17 -- Brussels, Belgium @ Les Nuits Botanique

May 19 -- Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Tolhuistuin

May 20 -- Berlin, Germany @ Heimathafen

May 21 -- Paris, France @ La Gaite Lyrique

May 25 -- George, WA @ Sasquatch Festival

May 26 -- Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater

May 28 -- Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre

May 30 -- Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue

May 31 -- Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall Ballroom

June 2 -- Detroit, MI @ Majestic Theatre

June 3 -- Toronto, ON @ Danforth Music Hall

June 4 -- Boston, MA @ House of Blues - Boston

June 5 -- Washington, DC @ Echostage

June 5 – 7 -- New York, NY @ The Governors Ball Music Festival

June 18 -- Barcelona, Spain @ Sonar By Day Festival

June 19 -- Barcelona, Spain @ Sonar By Night Festival

August 11 -- Los Angeles, CA @ The Greek Theatre (with !!!)

Aug 21 -- Crickhowell, UK @ Green Man Festival

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