Eddie Logix and Britney Stoney - "Air Balloons" (audio) (Premiere)

Detroit's Eddie Logix and Britney Stoney conjure sultry ambience in new single "Air Balloons".

Airy synths and evocative, tumbling beats float up effervescently in the suitably titled “Air Balloons”, the new single borne of the collaboration between producer Eddie Logix and singer/songwriter Britney Stoney. Dream poppy with a spaciousness that spreads as the tune goes on, "Air Balloons" is rife with seduction. Layers of intricate bleeps, vocal inflections, and swirling melodies serve as the bed upon which Stoney’s sultry voice rises up, singing the moving query of “Do you feel me now?” amidst the dusky atmosphere.

“Years ago, I met Britney Stoney through doing random shows in the Detroit area, and also living near each other in Eastern Market [in Detroit],” Logix says. “We had indirectly worked on a few things in the past but always talked about doing something more exclusive someday. We have some other demos in the works, and I'll most likely be doing some production for her upcoming solo album. ‘Air Balloons’ was something that came together pretty quickly for us even though it's a different sound than what we are both typically known for. I actually started making the ‘Air Balloons’ beat for this ad company thing, but then it developed into something else and I knew Stoney would be able to kill it. Working with her is great because sometimes she'll come in with only a vague idea for the track and next thing you know, it's all recorded: backups, harmonies, and everything.”

While Logix crafted the music, Stoney handled the lyrical content.

"The lyrics are about perseverance, about like-minded people elevating together," she says.

The tune will be available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and iTunes.

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