The Rua – “Standout” (video) (Premiere)

Part three of PopMatters's six-week series on the UK sibling trio the Rua turns to the song "Standout", a track inspired by the life of a woman very close to the band.

The all-sibling trio called the Rua, comprised of 22-year old Roseanna Brown (voice and guitar), 24-year old Alanna Brown (piano and backing vocals) and 19-year old Jonathan Brown (violin, guitar, vocals and backing vocals), has already caused a splash in its native United Kingdom with its debut album, Essence. With that LP about to see its United States release, the Rua are offering listeners a chance to go behind the scenes of the making of the music on a track-by-track basis. The Rua’s knack for gripping melodies, in addition to their background in classical training, make them a rising talent to keep an eye out for.

This week marks the third installment of PopMatters‘ six-week series on Essence, this time focusing on the song “Standout”.

The band explains that the song is “inspired by an amazing woman who was basically part of our family. She suffered from cancer for many years yet she always managed to look out for everyone else and worry about them with complete selflessness. She saw the best in you even if you couldn’t see it.”

Essence is being planned for a spring 2015 stateside release.

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