Panda Elliot - "Guerrero (Remix by _AlexPatri_)" (audio) (Premiere)

"Guerrero", a track off the Argentinian musician and producer Panda Elliot's latest album Forastera, is given a supremely danceable remix, boosted by laser-sharp synths.

Argentinian producer and musician Panda Elliot -- described as three in one, "woman, band, and producer" -- dropped her sophomore LP, Forastera, in the fall of 2014. Not but a few months later, she has gotten someone to remix the album cut "Guerrero", the follow-up to lead single 'Ligerita'. The original tune's energy is potent enough on its own; in the hands of _AlexPatri_, the danceability is boosted considerably, with laser-sharp synths making this remix right for the club.

Elliot is direct to the point about what the song represents: "Guerrero means warrior. That's what she wants for tonight. No hesitation, no doubts, no names."

Stream and download 'Guerrero (Remix by _AlexPatri_)' below:

Forastera is out now. You can stream the album via Bandcamp below, where you can also purchase the album and name your own price:

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